About Us

ZapTrain began as a conversation between two friends who saw two major problems with the online fitness industry. 

The first was the average person’s online fitness experience. A typical person that wants to make a change with their body or lifestyle will often find themselves browsing the internet searching things like, “How to get in shape,” or “Best exercises to get killer abs.” They will then immediately be thrust into the middle of thousands of videos, articles, and blogs, with thousands of different trainers telling them to do thousands of different, contradictory things to reach their goal. This is confusing, but it’s not where it ends. Before long the ads start coming. Each one with an extremely attractive, in shape trainer telling them that they have the keys to getting the body they want. Each one selling their own program or product, shoving supplements down their throat, offering to give them a pseudo form of personal training for an exorbitant price. We at Zaptrain call this the “online fitness jungle.” 

Many people get confused and discouraged. Some give up. Some get lost in the jungle and end up buying these products believing they are going to get what they need. What they find is often that they were scammed. The second issue was that celebrity trainers make almost all the money in the online fitness industry. These celebrity trainers have millions of followers on social media and are backed by a lot of money to advertise. When put up against these titans everyday personal trainers simply can’t compete and are left in the dust. 

ZapTrain is the solution for both of these issues. It aims to make online fitness accessible, simple, and affordable. We act as the middleman between those who want to change their lives through fitness and those who have the knowhow and skills to help those people. By providing a fair platform where people can change their lives through online personal training we hope to revolutionize the online fitness industry. It is designed to be straightforward and easy to use, as well as give personal trainers a place where they can provide amazing services.

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